About Us

Mr. Rushit J Dave


“I solely accredit Mr.Haresh Kawedia (Childhood friend and business partner) for introducing me into the woodworking industry. He has also played a pivotal role in establishing Haks Interior (in collaboration with Felder, Austria)with 200+ satisfied clients. Jdesigns is not only confined to woodworking, but is also exploring different product lines viz. Suspended linear wood profile lights , artistic centre tables etc.”       -Rushit J Dave

JDesigns is regarded as one of India’s leading and best wooden LED profile manufacturers. Fuelled by intense passion and kick started with the desire to go beyond the ordinary, JDesigns is more than just a creative design boutique. Previously known as Haks Interio, JDesigns is a company that envisions products that are way beyond its time.

Our range of products include all kinds of furniture, lighting fixtures and modular kitchens, which are crafted to perfection by a dedicated team of committed designers, engineers and craftsmen; albeit, our present is a part of a much larger dream.

With each passing day we look forward to making new varying products like jeans, helmets and items that can be personalised on an unimaginable level. We aim to venture into the unknown with a determination to outdo our present self.

All in all, we want to be known as a company who has a broader than broad wave length of working. With our steadily increasing success rate of over 200 satisfied clients walking the talk for us, our dream is soon and steadfast on the way to reality!

Each and every step of designing and manufacturing is closely looked into by the founder of JDesigns himself; Mr Rushit J Dave. Working closely with his team, he brings to life each design and is involved in bringing excellence to its manufacturing process.

At JDesigns, your possibilities aren’t limited.

We take a possibility, lend our abilities and make it a reality.

Email us to bring your ideas to life:  info@jdesigns.co.in